What's Your Technology Doing For You?

Don’t Sweat the Tech!

Tired of being frustrated with your technology? Are you spending too much time rebooting your server, then actually using it?

NevoLight Technologies was founded specifically to help users just like you!

Tired of being taking advantage of?

Has your local computer tech convinced you a few times that you’re the victim of some unrecoverable computer virus or network worm? Or has your web developer convinced YOU what HE wants on YOUR website?

 Let the service of NevoLight calm you down immediately. We pride ourselves in being able to easily communicate with our customers without any over the top wording – just results.

It costs what??

Have you been hit with an invoice that bears no resemblance to the quote? Have you been waiting for days on a return service call?

NevoLight prides itself on maintaining a static margin. The goal here is simple – Provide technology at affordable prices with excellent service!

What is your Technology Doing for You! NevoLight Find out Today!
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NLT was founded on a single, simple principle: Excellent Service and Support. Period. Each Engineer is fully accredited in their area of expertise and poised to work for the customer in whatever technical capacity. Feel trapped by your vendor or, even, by your own rouge network administrator?

We offer free estimates, which first come with us meeting you face to face to determine the outline for success. Once there, we go through the planning, implementation, and debrief – without all the buzz words and over the top explainations.

We provide invaluable expertise to your existing information technology department, or provide the tools and resources necessary to establish a successful IT department. We also provide ongoing training material and whitepapers to ensure that you stay ahead of technological curve. We are able to provide onsite, remote, and installation troubleshooting.

NLT provides an array of services and products including: Website Design, Email Hosting, Website Hosting, Computer/Network Repair, Technology Training, and Cloud Based Management

By far, our most popular service is our Support Coverage. For a monthly fee (billed quarterly) you are protected from everything from the floor to the ceiling. NLT uses a custom service application that monitors, safely, your network and computer health and is notified that there is a problem, often before you are. Our time and fee is covered in the support agreement, you only pay if there is hardware damage.

Different from other tech benches, NLT would rather work with the client have a better experience with their technology. Other competitors only make money if your tech fails – we only do if you succeed.

Allow NLT to do for what it’s done for the companies around you. All quotes and consultations are free: You are only invoiced once an agreement has been made. No hidden costs, fees, or buzzwords.

Find out how NevoLight Technologies can change your business today!

“Nevolight listened to and responded to our needs in updating our website. And when technical problems arose, went beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend them.”

Carl White, Senior Pastor

Highland Baptist Church

Highland Baptist Church